Best Rates for International Calls

About Us

RingtoWorld is a business venture of GenComTel INC.

History & Intention

Inception of affordable international calling from GenComTel INC started a decade ago, precisely on 2005.  During these years, we understood the international calling needs and market demand. Crafting the existing business model, RingtoWorld is proposed to use Voice Over IP (VoIP) from any international destination to call any international destination at extremely low price.

Products & Services

Currently international calling facility is offered with VPN enabled apps for Smartphone (iOS & Android devices), PC application and with local access number.  VPN enabled application enables the customer to make calls from any VoIP blocked countries.  We constantly strive on new ideas and concepts that will enhance the communication and maintain the user-friendliness.

Transparent & Secured Service

At RingtoWorld, we always want to be transparent with our customers.  For the purpose, we provide our business address.  Unlike our competitors, we do not impose have any kind of hidden charges on you.  You can easily check how much you will be charged each time before making a call.

We take privacy and security seriously and take it to next level.  Our experienced team maintains safe & secured e-commerce website & networks and employs industry recognized standards for transactions.

Customer Support

RingtoWorld offer 24X7 customer supports via live chat, email support, phone support and support at social networking websites.  Multilanguage support is one of our specialities, which includes but not limited to English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil.


Get in Touch

  • UK: +44 207 1835955
  • US: +1 718 5093006
  • Aus: +61 39 0345102