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End User License Agreement

End User License Agreement

Get RingtoWorld caller app from RingtoWorld service provided by GenComTel Inc. RingtoWorld service facilitates you to make international calls using Wi-Fi/3G and local access number. Before downloading RingtoWorld caller app or using RingtoWorld service, please go through the End User License Agreement carefully. The Terms & Conditions applies to the RingtoWorld service.

Downloading RingtoWorld caller app entails that you absolutely agree to bind with the Terms & Conditions submitted here. If you have no intention to bind with these Terms & Conditions, we recommend you not to download RingtoWorld caller app to your Smartphone. Without any prior notice, RingtoWorld may modify this End User License Agreement and such modifications shall be effective right away after posting. You agree to regularly check the End User License Agreement and would be aware about such modifications and shall enjoy RingtoWorld caller app on your Smartphone while modification of End User License Agreement.

1. Definitions

1.1 Agreement: the alternation, modification, amendment or renewal of this End User License Agreement may take place without any prior notice.

1.2 Documentation: the printed materials, e-documents, packaging, and/or any materials within any or other media or form which is related with RingtoWorld caller app.

1.3 RingtoWorld caller app: RingtoWorld caller app is owned by GenComTel Inc for Smartphone, its future updates, enhancements and fixings thereof.

1.4 Smartphone: advanced featured mobile phone with PC like functionality

1.5 You: End user of the Software, and ‘You’, ‘Your’, and ‘User’ also applicable

2. License

2.1 Grant of License: Subjected to these terms, the RingtoWorld caller app and related documents with this Agreement are licensed to you (not sold to you) by GenComTel on a non-exclusive basis and the complete rights shall be reserved by GenComTel. You have the license to use RingtoWorld caller app with respect to the terms of this End User License Agreement and shall not include any other rights in any forms. The terms of this End User License Agreement shall govern over any other Software upgrades provided by GenComTel which add-on or replace the current RingtoWorld caller app Software.

2.2 Use Restrictions: the User License provided to you by GenComTel is exclusively for consumer user only. You shall not rent, lend, sublicense or lease RingtoWorld caller app. Strict criminal and civil penalties shall be imposed on any redistribution or reproduction of the RingtoWorld caller app. GenComTel shall reserve the complete right to take any legal action against any such violation to its maximum extent. Exceptions are only awarded to the level expressly allowed by this End User License Agreement of by the applicable law. You have no right to copy, alter, modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer of creative derivative works of RingtoWorld caller app or any other component thereof. You do not have the right for distribution of the Documentation as well.

2.3 Promotional Software or Materials: Regardless of other sections of this End User License Agreement, RingtoWorld caller app software is provided to you on a promotional basis, you have the only right to use the RingtoWorld caller app Software for testing, demonstration and/or evaluation purpose and shouldn’t be resold or transferred to any other.

3. Permission to Use of Data

You completely agree that GenComTel and its subsidiaries may collect as well as use technical and related information, inclusive of but not limited to technical information about or relating to your Smartphone which is gathered periodically to facilitate proviso for software updates, product support and other services to you (if any) related to RingtoWorld caller app Software. GenComTel may use this information, on condition that, it doesn’t personally identify you, for product improvement or for assisting you with technology and service.

4. Termination

The End User License Agreement shall be completely effective unless terminated by you. The User’s right under the End User License Agreement shall be automatically terminated without any prior notice from GenComTel if you do not compile with respect to the terms mentioned at End User License Agreement. After the termination of End User License Agreement, you shall not use RingtoWorld caller app.

5. Disclaimer of Warranties

You acknowledge and agree that RingtoWorld caller app usage is carried out at your sole risk. The quality of the service, performance, and accuracy of the device completely depend upon you. To the maximum extend permitted by the applicable law, the RingtoWorld caller app and documentation are provided ‘as is’ with all faults and without any kind of warranty, and GenComTel hereby disclaims all warranties and terms and conditions concerning to the RingtoWorld caller app and documentation, either express, implied or legal, including but not limited to, the inferred warranties with/or conditions of merchantability, of acceptable strength quality for a meticulous reason, or precision, of quiet gratification and as non-infringement of third party rights. GenComTel do not provide any kind of warranty against any interference while using RingtoWorld caller app and it would complete meet your international calling requirements. GenComTel also doesn’t provide any kind of guarantee for error-free or uninterrupted or defect RingtoWorld caller app shall be fixed. Any kind of or no oral or written information or advice provided by GenComTel or our authorized representative shall create a warranty for you.

6. Indemnification

You acknowledge and agree to defend, indemnify and hold GenComTel and its directors, shareholders, licensors, employees, officers, agents, suppliers and any other third party provider of RingtoWorld caller app of any component thereof from and against any kind of damages, cost, expenses, losses, including the reasonable attorney’s fees which take place from any kind of violation of End User License Agreement by you. This proviso of this paragraph is from the complete benefit of GenComTel and its directors, shareholders, licensors, employees, officers, agents, suppliers and any other third party providers of RingtoWorld caller app. Each individual or entities shall have the right to declare and enforce these provisos directly on you on its own behalf.

7. Export

Upon receiving the license, you do not have any right to export or re-export RingtoWorld caller app to any destination.

8. Complete Agreement: Governing Language

The End User License Agreement includes the complete agreement among the parties with respect to the use of the RingtoWorld caller app and Documentation licensed hereunder and takes over from all prior or contemporary understanding to such subject matter. No modification or alternation of this End User License Agreement shall be binding unless and until presented by GenComTel. For any local requirement, if any translation of this End User License Agreement is carried out and during a dispute event between the English version and non-English version of the End User License Agreement, the English version of the End User License Agreement shall govern.


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